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Welcome to IndustryPortal

IndustryPortal is designed to be an open portal, created as part of the EU Horizon 2020 OntoCommons project, providing permanent access to ontologies for annotating, modelling, and making industrial data interoperable. With the proliferation of semantic artefacts (i.e., vocabularies, taxonomies, and ontologies) in the industry domain, the need to have a common infrastructure to facilitate identification, reuse, alignment, and maintenance is clear. To alleviate the problem, a common ontology portal for the industry is established to serve the community with a long-term permanent repository for FAIR semantic artefacts. IndustryPortal also addresses one of the expected outcomes of the OntoCommons project, i.e., to develop a reference ontology repository for the industrial domain. IndustryPortal provides sustainable storage for all existing and future ontology artefacts and mappings, produced either by the OntoCommons project or anybody else. Although IndustryPortal is currently developed and maintained by Production Engineering Laboratory LGP-ENIT, it heavily depends on the community to collect, curate, and maintain ontologies in the portal.

“One of the main services that the OntoCommons project can offer is to create a public resource where all the major ontologies, their uses, and their users, are listed. This outcome can provide a practical benefit to the engineering and industrial communities.” - Barry Smith, Interview with OntoCommons.

In summary, the current version of IndustryPortal lets any user:

For some functionalities, e.g., submitting and editing metadata of an ontology, please Register here! first.

For a quick start, please visit Documentation.


IndustryPortal aims to promote the reuse of ontology in the semantic data application in the industries by providing a sustainable, FAIR, and Open repository for the persistence of ontology from Industrial domain. Furthermore, IndustryPortal aspires to serve as a platform for the ontology life-cycle and a pivotal link in the complete toolchain required for enterprise-level ontology-driven data management projects.


IndutryPortal offers a trusted and open repository for storing, versioning, and maintaining metadata of an ontology. It provides in-built visualisation tools which will let users view the content of the ontology without using any separate tool. Furthermore, IndustryPortal also provides many other tools e.g., class browser, annotator, and recommendation to find suitable ontologies for specific data. IndustryPortal provides a detailed set of metadata and an in-built FAIRness evaluation tool (O’Faire) to guide users to users to ensure the FAIReness of their ontology. IndustryPortal strives to create a community of dedicated users and moderators to ensure the accuracy and relevancy of the ontologies and their metadata.